Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pond with pump, fountain and lights

Having got our pond established, algae quickly started to form and the water started getting rather dirty. Also, as the pond is surrounded by pebbles, stone and concrete, (rather than marsh and plants, which is what a proper wildlife pond is), the amount of wildlife that was going into it was quite limited. At the same time, we did not want to have to spend a lot of time unnecessarily having to maintain it and trying to keep it reasonable. Alexander said that the solution was clear and simple – to buy a pump and a fountain, which would circulate the water and keep it clean and fresh. Basically turn it into more of a fish pond.

We had been rather reluctant to do this, because we liked the idea of it being more natural, and also, because of the extra work involved in regard to installing sockets, drilling, cabling etc.

Anyway, we realised that this was the only sensible way forward. Alex and I looked around and found ourselves a good electrician. He put a socket in the shed for us, and did all the necessary drilling and cabling etc, which went through to the conservatory. Now, we have a pump and a fountain, four coloured lights around the pond and two outside lights to the back and front of the shed. In the pond, in regard to fish we now have golden tench, golden orfe, minnows, stone loach and sticklebacks. We also have snails, swan mussels (which eat the algae) and of course, our two resident frogs. We think it all looks really lovely. It is also very relaxing, to sit by the pond, with the sound of running water. So, basically, all-in-all we are very well pleased!

And I have certainly learnt a lot more about ponds throughout the whole process – the subject is a lot more complex than I first realised!