Thursday, 23 July 2015

Lost Bear

We have just returned from a wonderful one weeks holiday in South Devon.

And we also had some amazing, unforgettable experiences - so I will be doing some blog entries about it.

The first of these is about a Lost Teddy Bear, would you believe!

We were walking along the seafront at Exmouth - lovely sandy beach but unfortunately, for me, it was not warm enough to go swimming. But what did we suddenly see sitting, forlorn, on one of the benches overlooking the sea? A very large, slightly damp teddy bear. He was just so cute. He also had some seaweed on him. I love teddy bears - well, I love all soft toys and have lots of them at home. So, we had to take some pictures.

Then, a couple of days later, I looked on the map and spotted that we weren't too far away from Lyme Regis in Dorset. I remembered going there as a child and that it was a beautiful place. I relayed this to Glenn - and so we went there. And what a truly lovely place. We visited a working mill, for one thing - it has been revived over the last few years, and now makes lots of flour, as well as being a major tourist attraction. Fantastic!

Then, we spotted this shop called 'Alice's  Bear Shop (& Teddy Bear & Doll Hospital)'. What a wonderful shop! Teddy bears and soft toys and dolls everywhere; and children's story books etc. Now, I have never seen a Teddy Bear Hospital shop in my entire life before. I mean, what are the chances?  It suddenly occurred to me to tell the lady in the shop about the teddy bear that we saw on the beach. She was very interested and asked us to send her the photos that we took.

So, I came home and did that, and the lady in the shop has just put this entry on Facebook. How lovely eh, and what an amazing sequence of events!

Here is the link to 'Alice's Bear Shop' facebook page.

This large Teddy Bear was found lost sat on a bench on the seafront in Exmouth by Ruth Rikowski! The Bear is really lovely but had been abandoned and he was a little damp with some seaweed stuck to him! Please do let us know if you have any idea who the owner is and why he was left alone. Teddy Tags are very important because they provide Teddy Bears with contact details to prevent them getting lost by their owners! You can purchase them individually in our shop for 50p or as a 10 tag pack for £4.99 and including a laundry marker pack £8.99

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Victor's Models - Part 4

                                                         A rabbit at home                                                

                                                              The Planets

Ruth's Knitting - samples of clothes

Victor's Pictures - some samples

Some samples of Victor's many pictures - paintings and drawings

Victor's Models - Part 3

Victor's Book Cover Designs

Cover for my 'Digitisation Perspectives' book 
designed by Victor Rikowski

Cover for Glenn's 'Red Chalk' book,
designed by Victor Rikowski

Ruth's crochet - granny squares

Victor's Embroidery

Some samples of Victor's embroidery

Ruth's Knitting - Baby Clothes

Samples of my knitting of baby clothes

Victor's Models - Part 2

Some more samples of Victor's models and ornaments

Ruth's Embroidery

Below - some samples of my embroidery