Friday, 11 December 2015

Forest Voices Choir singing 'Line Up' - now on YouTube

Forest Voices Choir
Singing 'Line-up!'

Forest Voices Choir (that I am a member of) sang 3 songs for the turning on of the Christmas lights event. The lights were turned on by Robin Wales, the Mayor of Newham, on 5th December 2015. 2 of the songs were Christmas Carols and the other was a lovely song advocating peace throughout the world. It is called 'Line Up' (by H. Yeomans).

Here are the words for 'Line Up':

Line up, line up
Wo oh
For your place in the peaceable kingdom
Yeh, yeh, yeh.

Line up, line up
Wo oh
For your place in the peacable kingdom
Yeh, yeh, yeh.

Line up, line up
Wo oh
For your place in the peacable kingdom
Yeh, yeh, yeh

Bring your songs of freedom for a brave new world

Let me hear you
Sing, sing now.

Line up!

The rich and the poor
The weak and the strong
The humble and the proud
Won't you sing out loud
The merciful of heart
The sinner and the saint
The forgiven and the wrong
Find your voice in song
No differentiation between black and white
Let the Arab man stand by the Israelite
There ain't no creed, there ain't no colour
But the blood that flow thru your sister and brother.

*Repeat lines up to 'Line Up'.

What great messages!

I have just loaded the video of the Forest Voices Choir singing 'Line Up'  on to YouTube.
This is the first item that I have ever loaded anything on to YouTube! Hopefully, I will be loading up a few more items in the future.


Forest Voices Choir also have a website - see

Neighbours at Junior School!

Well - this is amazing!

My neighbour opposite has just found out/just realised that we were at the same Junior School together - in Odessa Road, Forest Gate!


Sounds it.

But no - it is true.

He has copies of the class register - and bingo - both our names are on it.

He still remembers and knows loads about many of the others in the class but I can only remember a couple. I passed the 11+ so went on to a different secondary school, and did not keep up the contact.

But I was always rather in a world of my own anyway if the truth be told (having my head buried in my books and in a fantasy world and all that) and well, I can still be rather like that!

Even so, however did he remember me? Both him and another person from school recognised me - he said it was because of my hair! Good job I did not cut it and change it eh!

This neighbour has lived there for 30 years but we have only just 'found each other', as it were.

Isn't it wonderful!

Does this call for a school reunion? Rather a nice idea!

What a small world, and all that!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Open Mic at the 'Plough and Harrow' Pub every Sunday 8pm - 10.30pm

The Plough and Harrow


Function Room
419 High Road Leytonstone
E11 4JU

Every Sunday from 8.00pm - 10.30pm

Come and Join Us

Regular house band, regular performers, plus new musicians and performers always welcome. 

Bands and solo artists.

Enjoy live music, local musical talent, as well as some surprise artists from abroad (e.g. USA).

Also provides a support and network for local musicians.

Victor Rikowski performs there quite regularly (playing guitar and singing) and watch this space for other names that you might recognise from this blog.

Rock, rock 'n' roll, folk, blues and much more 

A great night out and great company (and it's all FREE).

The Function Room
Plough and Harrow