Friday, 11 December 2015

Neighbours at Junior School!

Well - this is amazing!

My neighbour opposite has just found out/just realised that we were at the same Junior School together - in Odessa Road, Forest Gate!


Sounds it.

But no - it is true.

He has copies of the class register - and bingo - both our names are on it.

He still remembers and knows loads about many of the others in the class but I can only remember a couple. I passed the 11+ so went on to a different secondary school, and did not keep up the contact.

But I was always rather in a world of my own anyway if the truth be told (having my head buried in my books and in a fantasy world and all that) and well, I can still be rather like that!

Even so, however did he remember me? Both him and another person from school recognised me - he said it was because of my hair! Good job I did not cut it and change it eh!

This neighbour has lived there for 30 years but we have only just 'found each other', as it were.

Isn't it wonderful!

Does this call for a school reunion? Rather a nice idea!

What a small world, and all that!

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