Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Left Book Club - Call for Papers


" The New Left Book Club invites unpublished essays that address aspects of leftism, internationally and interpersonally.

We welcome all submissions from undergraduates and postgraduates, and are particularly interested in the following themes:

Leftism and Islam

Socialism in Practice (housing cooperatives, etc)

Gender and the left Post-capitalist policy

The Economics of Austerity Leftism in the Eurozone

Critical theory and the UK general election 2015

Health politics


We are accepting long form essays of up to 5000 words. Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract or outline of ideas to

Authors will be invited to discuss their work and ideas at New Left Book Club events following publication.


The Left Book Club was founded in 1936 by Cripps, Strachley, and Gollancz with the aim of  creating a well informed and dynamic left in Britain. The Club grew explosively, and within a few years had some 57000 members and 1500 monthly discussion groups. The Club was hugely influential in the Labour victory of 1945 and the great socialist efforts that followed.
We aim to recreate this phenomenon, publishing volumes of essays covering the entire spectrum of leftist thought. It’s not 1945 but we believe there is still a role for a print book club to play in generating progressive discussion, particularly amongst those who feel marginalised or voiceless with respect to the current state of leftist publications. 
1.      We want to replicate the achievements of the original Left Book Club, namely a unified group of people reading and discussing leftist ideology in preparation for a period of social change.
2.      We want to provide a platform for leftist thought and discussion outside of the mainstream publications.
3.      We want to create an editorially transparent publication, exposing readers to ideology and perspectives they might not otherwise encounter.
4.      We welcome radical and experimental thought from anyone - not only those with formal academic training
5.      We want to create a culture antithetical to the immediate response / counter-response whirlwind of Twitter and other online channels.
6.      We want to provide a place for discussion of pure ideology and analysis, free from the potentially off-putting nature of leftist political action groups.
We want to hold events where leftists can meet up and share their thoughts. To this end we will be holding bi-monthly events in Manchester and London"