Sunday, 5 July 2015

Recent Additions to Academia by Glenn Rikowski - July 2015

Glenn Rikowski


Glenn Rikowski has added a number of papers to Academia in the last few weeks.

Recent additions of his to Academia include:

Working for Leisure? Part-time and Temporary Working Amongst A-Level and BTEC National Students at Epping Forest College

Nietzsche, Marx and Mastery: The Learning Unto Death


Our World, Our Schools: Not for Sale

Schools + Business Takeover + GATS = Globally Tradable Commodities 

Wolf on Marx Without Sparks

The Capitalisation of Schools: Federations and Academies

Rethinking Education and Democracy: A socialist alternative for the 21st century

If you have any problems downloading these documents then just click onto the Green ‘Download’ button and it should work.
Best wishes
Glenn Rikowski
London, 5th July 2015

All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski:

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