Monday, 16 November 2009

Wanstead Flats

Wanstead Flats is an area of green open space, that is near to home, and we often go for walks there, especially at the weekends. The Flats (both Wanstead and Leyton Flats) are part of Epping Forest and they are administered by the Corporation of London. It is truly wonderful to have this area in the East End of London, and so near to us as well.

Many recreational activities take place on and around Wanstead Flats, including walking, football, cricket, jogging, cycling. horse riding, kite flying and model aeroplane flying. It is very much an area that is enjoyed by a wide variety of people; including children, dog-lovers, keep fit enthusiasts, senior citizens etc. There is also a wide variety of wildlife on the flats. In particular, there is Alexandra Lake, where we often go to feed the ducks and watch the wildlife. On and around the lake there are Canadian geese, seagulls, coots, swans, common wagtails, magpies, moorhens, herons, woodpeckers, pigeons etc. etc.

In addition, there is an organisation entitled 'Friends of Wanstead Flats'. The 'Friends' hold meetings periodically, and they aim to ensure that Wanstead Flats remains a valuable, free green open space for the community.

Under the byelaws, cattle is allowed to graze on the flats. When I was a girl, many cows did, indeed, graze on the flats - and sometimes wandered into the road as well! Very surprising - to see cows wandering about in the East End of London! This was later stopped, although sometimes the idea of bringing them back has been raised. It is important that the byelaw for grazing remains, because this ensures that Wanstead Flats remains a green free open space.

For more information about Wanstead Flats, see

The Golden Fleece family pub is on the edge of the flats, and this is also a favourite of ours.

On Sunday, 15th November 2009, we decided to take some pictures of it all. Some readers might well be surprised to realise that such a beautiful place exists in the East End of London.

Also, nearby to us is the City of London Cemetery and Wanstead Park, and I will 'feature' these in future blog entries.

So, here are some of the digital photos that we took.

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