Tuesday, 6 April 2010

'Going Dutch' by Katie Fforde

'Going Dutch' by Katie Fforde proved to be quite an interesting read, although I did not enjoy it as much as other books of Katie Fforde that I have read recently. This novel is set around life on a barge. When Jo Edwards husband trades her in for a younger model, she decides to go and live on a barge. Meanwhile, Dora Hamilton decides that she cannot go through with her wedding (to her childhoold sweetheart). So she takes up the offer and suggestion of her friend Kate and goes to live on the Three Sisters barge with Jo (Kate's mother). They then find they go travelling around on the barge quite a lot (which was not something that they had originally intended to do) and get to know various people. At one point, a man goes overboard, for example, and has to be rescued. The novel spends some time exploring all this barge life, so the book will particularly appeal to those that are thinking of starting up a barge life, I think. Then, two men come to feature in their lives - Marcus for Jo and Tom for Dora.

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