Monday, 6 September 2010

Urban Green Fair, Brockwell Park, Lambeth

At the initial suggestion of Chris Keene, in the Green Party, our son Victor Rikowski, recited some poems (or to be more precise lyrics to some songs that he has written) at the Urban Green Fair at Brockwell Park in Lambeth, London on Sunday 5th September 2010.

Originally, Victor thought that he would be singing, then it materialised that the Green Fair did not have a licence to sing which apparently costs £5000 so folks recited poems. Our choir leader, Jenny Beeching, also spoke about this, saying that many musicians have been very annoyed about it all. So, now we can listen to people singing on Sky TV in the pub, for example, but we can't listen to live people singing, unless the pub has forked out for the £5000 music licence fee of course. What a ridiculous scenario. Makes you think about that witty but insightful song, by George Formby - ' You don't need a licence for that', with lines that include:
'You may think I'm romancing, but they even tax you for singing and dancing'
For the whole song - see

Anyway, Glenn and Victor went along to the Fair, and Victor's session went well (and there were about 30 people listening) and the whole event was good, they said. There was lots going on at the Fair in general, all taking place in different zones - these were 'Climate Change and Energy Zone', 'Sustainable Transport Zone', 'Social Justice Zone' and 'Food and Garden Zone'. Activities included yoga, meditiation, dancing, singing, bike fixing, book stall, politics etc. etc.

Victor recited 4 poems including ' Today', 'Bigger' and 'Dignity'. The pieces included some political messages.

Here is a selection of lines from 'Today':

"What have you done today?

Lying on the bay?

Bathing in the sun, on holiday?

Have fun for just a day, a slave for another year

Justify yourself with crap

We're rats inside a cage and nothing will come near

To justifying this global trap."

And here is a selection of lines from 'Dignity':

"But if we put our hearts and minds to the test

We can make for ourselves

A better house, a better street

Humanity standing on its feet

Come on, dignity is our big weapon

Getting us all out of prison."

Following on from Victor's reciting, there was some good poetry reading from the 'E11 Eco, Transition Leytonstone Poetry Group'. Diana Korchien was one of the members of this group, and she helped to make this event 'happen' for Victor, so many thanks to Diana for that.

And here are some photos:

E11 Eco, 'Transition Leyt0nstone' poetry group

MySpace page for Victor Rikowski's band, 'Cold Hands & Quarter Moon' can be found at

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