Sunday, 7 July 2013

4 Ramadan

Rashid Khan

'4Ramadan - A Very British Ramadan' is a TV programme series on Channel 4 which starts tomorrow (Monday 8th July) at 8.00pm.

A Very British Ramadan is the first programme in 4Ramadan, a season of programmes reflecting what life is like for Britain's Muslim population who observe this religious festival. Rashid Khan travels around the UK interviewing various Muslims, and talking to them about Ramadan.

"Channel 4 follows and hears from a range of British Muslims throughout Ramadan, on how they cope with daily life and the physical and spiritual effects of fasting, as they go through it."

Gregory Rikowski (who converted to Islam 2 years ago) was interviewed by Rashid Khan for this series of programmes on the Muslim community in the UK.



  1. What a pity I only caught up with the last episode. Good that C4 put this on and I know other people who liked it, though since I watch even less telly than usual in Ramadan I found out about it too late to see the one about the mosque in Norwich. The very early start time of fasting as the lunar calendar brings us closer to midsummer was for me an incentive to stay up till 3am and read.

    1. It should all still be available on-line.

      The one about the mosque in Norwich was in the very first episode, which lasted about 30 mins. All the others were just for 3-4 mins, but were on every day throughout Ramadan. Gregory was actually interviewed, but did not make it into one of these slots as far as we could tell. The first programme looked at Muslim communities and mosques in 4 different parts of Britain. It was quite something that Norwich was chosen, but then again, it is something different, and there are a lot of British converts there. As was explained in the programme it was during the 1960s and 1970s atmosphere and value system that pervaded Norwich in particular at the time (love, hippy power and peace-type of mentality and all that), that led to the establishment of the mosque there.

      No, I basically never watch TV these days. Much prefer books, DVDs, CDs and videos.