Thursday, 3 December 2009

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009: a musical genius

It was Michael Jackson that inspired me to set up this 'Serendipitous Moments' blog. That was before he died. I was listening to him and feeling the power of his creativity, and suddenly thought that this blog would help me to express my own creativity in a new and different way. Blogs enable one to be quite spontaneous in this way; they can be as long or as short as one wants, on any topic that one chooses, and of course, they are very immediate.

So, it was very fitting and appropriate that the first blog entry on 'Serendipitous Moments' was about the death of Michael Jackson. I was so very upset about it; I wanted to express something quickly and immediately (and to counteract some of the media) - writing the entry on my blog was the ideal solution, and was in itself, a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson, I thought.

Anyway, on this blog entry I said that I was going to write a longer piece about Michael Jackson on another occassion. I wrote the draft of the longer piece very quickly; in the 2 weeks mourning period after he died. But it is only now that I have been able to return to it and finish it. So, the long article is now up on our Rikowski website, 'The Flow of Ideas'.

The article includes section on Michael Jackson, the musical genius; his artistic ability; comparisons between Michael Jackson and Mozart; Michael Jackson's vulnerability and sensitivity; the Martin Bashir interview; Michael Jackson, the misunderstood person; patriarchy; people wanting to break Michael Jackson and make him fail; Michael Jackson, the intelligent and thinking man; ways in which I personally identified with Michael Jackson and some concluding thoughts. Incidentally, I identified with Michael Jackson more than with any other famous person. Well, the long list can be seen in section 11 of my article!

Michael Jackson was one in a million; we are not likely to see anyone else remotely like him in our lifetime. Society should have cherished and looked after him; instead, of which everyone wanted a piece of him and/or tried to bring him down. Shame on society. Mozart, another child prodigy was not understood and appreciated enough when he was alive; and he died in a pauper's grave. Perhaps, one day, we will learn. Who knows.

Meanwhile, anyway, here is the URL to my article (it is in the 'Articles' section of the website).

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