Friday, 18 December 2009

'September' by Rosamunde Pilcher

On a previous recent blog I wrote about the bestselling novelist, Rosamunde Pilcher and said that I intended to read some more of her books in the future. I have now read a couple of others by her and have very much enjoyed them.

I have just now finished reading 'September' I have discovered that this is a sequel to 'The Shell Seekers' (the novel which I refer to on my previous blog). It is not a straight continuation of the story, but some of the characters that were in 'The Shell Seekers' are in 'September' (such as Noel Keeling, and the artist Laurence Stern, Noel's grandfather). We see Noel forming an attachment with Alexa, for example. The main story is set in Scotland and revolves around a dance party that Verena and Angus Steynton decide to throw in their home in Scotland. Although not quite as gripping as 'The Shell Seekers', this is still a good book. And once again, we have a lovely book cover!

My friend Tina Sinclair from Lister School days emailed me saying that she was particularly interested in and enjoyed my blogs about Rosamunde Pilcher (29th November 2009) and Erica James (26th November 2009). Also, that she had read both 'The Shell Seekers' and 'Hidden Talents' (the latter being by Erica James). She said that she really loved 'The Shell Seekers' and has read it more than once. She thought that 'The Shell Seekers' was by far Rosamunde Pilcher's best book. She did not mention 'September'. As I say, though, whilst 'September' is not quite such a page-turner and does not have as gripping a plot as 'The Shell Seekers' I still think it is a good book and indeed, I very much like Rosamunde Pilcher's writing style in general. However, Rosamunde Pilcher has now retired, and no longer writes, but her son Robin Pilcher now writes novels. I will probably read some of his books at a future date.

Tina said that, like me, she also loves book covers and sometimes even purchases CDs by selecting the covers.
I do not think I have done that all that consciously in regard to CDs, but on the other hand, I do enjoy artistic and eye-catching CD covers. Having said that, it has to be said that that was all much more powerful in the days of records! So much more could go on a record cover. The 'War of the Worlds' album cover, for example, was amazing. Still, we have to move with the times of course!

In conclusion, I wanted to write this blog, because it enabled me to connect up some particular fiction writers that I have been enjoying lately with one of my friends, which I thought was all rather nice and fitted together rather well. I hope you agree!

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