Tuesday, 16 March 2010

'Flora's Lot' by Katie Fforde

I really loved reading this book. Two cousins, Flora and Charles inherit the family antique business. But Flora's percentage is slightly larger than Charles, even though Charles has been running the business over the years, and not Flora. Flora decides to leave London and move to the countryside, where the business is, for a while. There she gets to know Annabelle, Charles's fiance, who wants to buy some of Flora's share of the business. She said that Flora was not interested in the business, so it would all be for the best.
However, Flora decides to get more involved in the business; in particular, she argues that it is important that they have a website. She starts to work quite hard and finds it all quite interesting. At the same time, she starts going out with good-looking Henry, but realises after a while, that he isn't really doing a lot for her. Meanwhile, she helps Annabelle to improve her dress-sense and takes her shopping. She also keeps telling people that her cousin Charles is dull , uninspiring and ploddy. Then, she suddenly realises that she is saying all this to cover up something else; that actually, rather than finding him being dull and ploddy, she really fancies him and thinks he is really something. How on earth can she cope with these mixed emotions, especially as she discovers that Annabelle's father has also paid for the rewiring of the antiques business - so Charles is indebted to her even more.
Then, suddenly Charles realises that he feels just the same about Flora. He leaves Annabelle, and rushes over to see Flora. They end up going off to a hotel together and having a night of passion.
Some read!

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