Saturday, 13 March 2010

In Time for Christmas' by Katie Flynn

'In Time for Christmas' by Katie Flynn proved to be quite an enjoyable read, although I don't necessarily find myself rushing to want to read more Katie Flynn books! The story is about two sisters, Addy and Prue Fairweather who live with their widowed mother, Nell, in a flat above her shop. But Prue is the favoured and the spoilt one. But then Prue has an accident and ends up in a wheelchair, so Addy has to look after her even more. Nell is under pressure to marry Mr Bentley, the landlord of the local pub, the 'Vines', but she resists. She wants to keep her shop and her independence. Meanwhile, there is also Giles Frobisher and his twin sister Gillian, who live in Devon. Giles leaves university and joins the Fleet Ari Arm, but eventually Addy and Giles marry.

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