Friday, 12 October 2012

I Love Transcontinental

I ♥ Transcontinental is a protest against corporate banality, mass-produced goods, human exploitation, and vulgarity.

It supports originality, beauty, and harmony.

Products are all individually mixed media hand-printed. No two are alike. They do not make more than three of any design (if that) because they want it to be 'yours, true, unique, and obscure'. The clothes and accessories crafted are fair trade, organic cotton, using water based dyes and other such environmentally friendly materials.

This is a peaceful protest, with the hope that beauty and art will tame the beast greed made our world into.

See I ♥ Transcontinental at:

This is a new, radical and dynamic development in art, design, music and protest - by the designer of the 'Flow of Ideas' website -

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