Friday, 12 October 2012

Janet Daniels' Garden in Saga Magazine

I was delighted to discover that there is a 4-page colour spread about Janet Daniels garden in the Saga Magazine (Sep 2012 issue, pp. 68-7. The article is written by Martyn Cox.

Janet is our neighbour and opens her beautiful garden to the public 3 times a year, and gives the proceedings to charity. I wrote a blog about her wonderful garden (including some pictures of it) in May 2010 - see

Describing the garden, Cox says in the article:

"There's a patio, an arbour cloaked by climbers...two ponds, many beds crammed with plants, a tiny greenhouse, a raised seating terrace and a shed crammed full of Dinky toys, antique tools and other knock-knacks. The dense planting and layout make it impossible to see from one end of the rectangular-shaped plot to the other. 'When people first set foot in the garden they think it's only about 15ft long', says Janet, who has lived here since 1968. 'They are surprised when they discover it goes much further back, and are completely blown away when they reach the end and discover my secret garden." (p. 70)

Long may Janet's beautiful garden continue to thrive.

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